Mixed Mode CD

:smiley: I’m running Win98SE and recently upgraded to Nero 5551. However, when I burn a Data/Music CD, I find an extra CD Audio track (track 1) of static. All the tracks that I wanted come after this track. My sources are in three separate folders: one for Word documents, one for MP3s, and one for wave files which I use to create the CDA files.
Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it? :confused:

I’m using CD Creator 4.5 and had the same thing happen to me but in 4.5 instead of mixed mode you can make a “CD extra” in the options that puts Audio tracks first and the data part doesn’t show up on a CD player but it does in CD-ROMs.So look for that option in your software.Hope this helps.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To create a cdextra with the datatrack in the second session (your audio cd player is not able to read it then) you just start to make a audio cd but don’t close it. After this you insert this cd and start a multissession cd (or continue but that is not to hard to find out) and you can write the data. This is the way i do it with nero