Mixed Mode CD Audio and Interactive CD

Hi I need to create cd that when put in a computer will display a graphic with a link to a website. This cd also needs to play in regular cd player, and computer as an audio file.

I assume that something like Director MX could create the data part. I know very little about director. Then something like nero would make the mixed mode cd by adding the data and audio.

Am I correct on this? any suggestions, comments, instructions, and details would be awesome.


I think Nero is ok. You need to do an “Audio and Data CD” project - this produces the so-called CD Extra. It plays on audio players, as well as if you want them to on PC, but when browsed or auto run on a PC, you can access the data section as well. I think this should cover what you want :slight_smile:

cool thanks for the info. Do you know of any programs that make a graphic appear as soon as you put the cd in and then lets you click on a link to go to the a specific website?
thanks again.

This one comes to mind

I would also repeat the tracks as MP3 or something (RIFF-WAV headered MP3 may be one example, as it would enable them to be played as background to a local website on the CD), as you cannot play the Cd-audio tracks while the data session is accessed.