Mixed mode avi autorun question



Okay here is the deal. I am trying to create a mixed media cd that can be played in a stand alone cd player but when inserted into a computer will play an avi file. I can’t seem to get the computer to autorun the avi file. A box pops up in xp that asks what I want to do because the disc contains a video file, but then when I select play with windows media player the audio track plays. The video is a video for the song.


Maybe you mix up Mide Media with Mixed Mode?!

A standalone cd player always requires a CD disc that has the CDDA files (CD Audio) in the first session of the disc, which must be closed/finalized, further sessions cannot be seen by normal CD players.
So any other content unlike CDDA in RIFF WAVE 16-bit 44.1 kHz format has to be placed in the 2nd or further sessions.


nah, that is not the problem. I have a song to put on the cd and an avi video. I want the song to play on a cd player, but the avi to play when put in a computer. I hope to achieve this with using the autorun.ini file on a disc.


You could create an CD Extra, but track 1 cannot be replayed by any cd player then of course.