Mixed media discs for xbox 360



i just began trying to burn games for my 360 the box itself is modded but im not to familiar what drive it is…

anyways everytime i burn a game the xbox reads it as a mixed media discs…i’ve set the layer break number correctly as well as the booktype to DVD-ROM but it still keeps failing. also ive tried these discs on many different modded xboxs old new everything in between…

my burner is: Optiarc AD-7200S
software: imgburn, clonecd and dvd decryptor ( used’em all same result)
discs: verbatim DVD+R DL

when i put the game into my pc it pops up with the screen telling me to put it in to an xbox 360 console in like seven langauges…that screen

any idea what i am doing wrong…i am hoping for a quick fix cuz a friend of mine told me this should be easier then i making it out to be…well any help would be greatly appreciated thx :sad: