Mixed Audio CD Problem



Ok...after searching and doing lots of reading, I'm still stuck. I have a CD that is continuously mixed and is currently divided into seperate mp3s.

I want to burn the CD so all tracks are seamless again, but what I'm doing does not work. I'm burning with Nero, and removing the 2-second gaps, then burning DAO. I still get audible pops between the tracks. From what I've read, this should work, and has for many people. Is there a step I'm missing, or is this a limitation of my hardware?

Burner is a Plextor 12/10/32. Any additional assistance is very appreciated.

BTW....love the forum layout. I'm new, and this is (obviously) my first post. Sorta laid out like DC Forums, but with way better options.


Think you have been searching for the wrong keywords :wink:

The best thing to do is creating your own cue sheet and then burn it with Nero or CDRwin/Fireburner.

The search string could best be something like:
Create AND cue
Create AND cue AND mix

Hope that helps


When you look at the seperate mp3 files (with a wav editor like cooledit or the nero wave-editor) can you see a silence at the end of the track? Then you can delete this silence and try to burn again.
Even so you can delete the 2 second gap in nero but remember that due red book standards the first gap of the disc has to be 2 seconds so you have to remove the 2 second gap from track 2 till the end.