Mix-n-Match media from E-net Distribution



Hi there,

If somebody else has posted on this subject before, I apologise an advance :o

I’ve noticed in the last 4 months or so, that Datawrite, Bulkpaq and Tuffdisc “cake tubs” have contained not just MCC MIDs, but also fake TY’s in the same container. Sometimes you can even see the difference in the dyes. :eek:

I recently bought a 100 cake tub of Tuffdisc DVD-R 8x, and noticed that about 25 discs are MCC and the other 75 or so are fake TY’s

My mate bought some Datawrite DVD-R and found the same. :eek:

Anybody else experienced this recently?


Doesnt surprise


fake TY from E-net, it’s strange. I have read in another topics that E-net refuse to sell infosmart using TY stamper.
And they are advertised to come from main product from know brand like fuji, mitsubishi orTDK (mostly made by CMC).


Not unless that these are the so-called fake E-net products that are floating around out there. Doesn’t surprise me at all given their track record of varrying quality.


The official Tuffdisc -R blurb, sent to shops

“For your information “Tuffdisk” are overprints
When manufacturers produce discs for famous brands during the printing process they often make slight printing errors. These discs are overprinted to hide the original printing error and are then sold into the market with a boring non descript overprint design.
Tuffdisc have added a new spin onto this , instead of printing them with a standard ink to hide the original print error they have printed them with a funky vibrant Orange coloured “Tuff” hard-coated surface to hide the original print error. Not only is this “Tuff” surface more trendier it has a new pebbledash effect top surface making them more scratch resistant and durable then normal discs.
This is an entry level disc so there is no point comparing it to verbatim or titanium, it is in the same catagory as bulkpaq. (some shops omit to mention this to the end users) Mixed MIDs TTG02, CMC MAG AE1, MCCORG20”

as far as I know, this is the only “mixed MID in one tub” product they sell


I don’t think they’re fakes - just older discs with errors on the printed surface. I bought 100’s and i thought they were ok. Now and then you can see the older print through the new orange/blue layer and those i spotted were HP, Verbatim, Duraband and TDK. Clearly the best of the cheapestbut if you want to be sure of quality … pay more :wink: I think however some discs are damaged from what i read. Of the 500 or so i got all worked fine with decent quality scans. I moved on though since there were many CMC in the newer boxes and they didn’t go well with my 107 i used then… And the Datawrite Titanium i use now does the job well with NEC :smiley: (First time i see a CMC disc i my box i’ll change though) I never had a TY id in a reprint box

Below is a scan of a blue 8x reprint they used before Tuffdisc

and a Tuffdisc scan

Datawrite Titanium (I admit this is the best result i’ve had)


You are of course correct… :bow:

I made a boob :o

I double checked the MID codes and it is TTG02 as well as MCC. :eek:

See for yourself…


i bought some of thes discs too simply to see how tuff they really are…

  1. My coffee stayed in place and the disc still burnt to 100% just a copy 4 someone else.
    2 they make good friz bees and still burn to 100%
    3 My kid likes to chew on them unfortunately this one didnt burn it didnt even make it to the burner
    so in conclusion
    For under £20 they damn good discs for that price and my kid likes em too
    Dyes did vary a bit from pack 2 pack but still good for all

my 2 n 1/2 euro cents


I bought some when they first came out. I didnt buy again as I did not think they represented value for money at the time. I have noticed the price has come down a lot. It is more then likley I will buy some next time I require discs.

My own findings are if they can be purchased for around 15p each they are a good value for money disc.


That depends on whether or not you have to backup the entire spindle within the next year or two. IMHO I wouldn’t accept discs for free if the error scans I got strongly supported the fact that they probably won’t be able to be read a year down the road. Are you really saving any money when you have to re-burn 25 or more discs after a year? Just my .02 :wink:


These discs are overprints. the ones i have managed to scrape the paint off are overprints of memorex and a couple of verb and some titanium. I dont think overprinting them will effect the performance of the recording side. But IMHO they do look a tad loud :slight_smile: Bright orange colour FFS.


And it wont make the recording side any more scratch resistant either no matter whats put on the label side…


what their overprinting their own stuff :bigsmile:


During the printing process they often make slight printing errors. These errors do not have any effect on the actual media but are rejected. Rather than discard an otherwise perfect disc it makes sense to overprint them and sell as such. For the user who wants a disc that is good value for money these are the ones.
The quality of the dye and burn results should not differ from the non overprinted counterparts.


If you believe this guy you will believe anything, its been proven time and again tuffdisc = sh*t, its B,C,D,E etc grade media that gets aload of orange pebbeldash crap printed on it to make joe bloggs think its some sort of super disc when really it makes f all difference to scratch resistance of the recording surface.

So please to all the members who love to repeat the tuffdisc ‘blurb’ please give it a rest.

If people want to buy sh*t fine do it but dont claim it to be something decent.

Tuffdisc need to understand that no matter how much orange paint they slap on the disc you cant polish a turd.


Look just a few replies above and you’ll see a Tuffdisc scan. Also a Titanium btw. Two discs you say are utter crap. Based on…?


Based on the amount of scans ive seen and comments read,

clearly poor media, how the hell can that back up any argument that tuffdisc is any good?, if i burn a disc that looks like that it goes in the bin.


At the time i thought it was an ok budget disc. I don’t think they are fake discs like Bulkpaq, Budget etc. I can be wrong though :wink: I have no complaints on them. They work and they are cheap (and ugly). From Bulkpaq and Budget i had many coasters and playback problems (from a 50 disc sample of each - still have 20 Budget if someone wants ;)). No prob with Tuffdisc except for some non perfect graphs. Well, i don’t buy either anymore and hope quality media will drop in price :slight_smile:


a PI max of 20 looks pretty good to me, I can’t get that with Verbatims.
(as for P0s, I’ve not really worked out the relevance of those as they vary so much from scan device to scan device, but 7 max doesn’t look like a bad scan to me). I’m not posting to either diss or support Tuffdisc (as I don’t use overprints)


sarahjh69 you’ve shown yet again you have little knowledge of media scanning and quality, if you knew what you were talking about you’d know the PIF errors are the most important and the PI errors come second, the fact that his PI max does not exceed 20 means little when his PIF is very high.

most of those comments made by your fellow muppets, mr. brownnose!

my fellow muppets? care to reiterate? are you referring to those members who have knowledge of scanning and can make a fairly decent judge of media quality? if thats a muppet then they might aswell rename this site muppet central.

dissing another freaks member, makes you open to a free for all IMHO


If you believe this guy you will believe anything

i would say it was more pointing out somebody talking bllcks than ‘dissing’ a member

as for the name calling i wouldnt expect it from my son let alone an adult so please before your little fingers get the urge to scrabble verbal diarrhea into the forum think and dont do it :slight_smile: