Mix 2 x 32 MB EDO with 2 x 32 MB PC-100

Hi, I had installed in my computer (PII 266, Mother PD440fx)
64 mb of ram (2 x 32 mb edo ram 66 mhz), and a friend give me 2 x 32 MB ram PC-100 mhz, can I install all this together?



it should only beep like crazy

or not count it at all!!

good luck

I remember a friend who had a similar setup (mainboard with both EDO and SDRAM)
He added 64MB SDRAM to his 32 EDO and when booting, he counted to 96MB. So it should work in your pc too.

I remember having an old TX mainboard which could use edo and the ‘new’ sdram modules. You could mix them but one of the moduletypes would be supplied with a voltage which is too high… so you have a chance of blowing up your memory modules…

just to be sure there aren’t any pitfalls
that Up3rdOG described, check out the manufacturers website
to see if you can download a mobo manual for your board. All the
relevant information regarding what memory the mobo will support and what banks to place the memory into should be in there (this is assuming you don’t allready have a mobo manual)