Mitsushit ujda help please

ok i have a matsushita ujda760 dvd-rw/r/cd-rw/r whatever and i can burn anything but dvds, i can read everything cds, dvds, but i cant read empty dvds. i dont know whats wrong will dvd-rw or dvd-r work because thats all i have tried. i havent tried dvd+r or dvd+rw. somone have a solution. if you could help me i will love u forver

sgon91, crossposting is against our rules. Multi threads just create more work for our members who may provide the same answer that has already been made in the other thread. Also by keeping it in one thread the question and all possible solutions are keep together. :wink:

sgon91’s other thread, and most likely the reason for the problem, can be found here: