Mitsumi to release first 54x (!) CD-RW recorder - 485FTE

I just posted the article Mitsumi to release first 54x (!) CD-RW recorder - 485FTE.

On the Mitsumi website we can find a new CD-RW recorder, the 485FTE, which is the first recorder to break 52x recording. This latest Mitsumi drive will support 54x recording (and reading) and…

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Ha! I think I gotta get a 100x speed cdrom reader for copy-on-fly recording. :d

Also comes with DRM for Audio CD’s - To prevent you taking them to the second-hand store, if an old cd is placed in the drive, it will explode, so preventing you selling it on. Not to mention that stops you making a copy by breaking the drive as well and maybe even injuring the user! I wonder if the limited warranty covers that?

well this is just my 2cents, i think its bullshit (sorry bout the swearin) having anything past 52x coz there are so many companies that say 52x is really fast enough and i agree with them coz the only time that you would be lucky to hit even 50x is at the last to seconds att the end of the cd so i fail to see the point why they should make a 54x drive??? ur not gonna benefit anything from it

Its becoming widely accepted that burning any faster than 52x is becoming a risk. As people have heard about discs shattering in the drives, especially cheap disks or badly scratched or disks that have invisible hairline fractures and this is at speeds of 48x and 52x. I dont think people will take the risk of reading / writing their disks at this high speed.

if they wanna make something go faster it should b dvd-rom drives i mean how long have we been sittin at 16x for? least up the speed abit so that u can read a normal cd at 52x

i hope someone at CD Freaks benchmarks it.

re-write of 32x is pretty cool though. 54x is about 3 seconds faster eh :wink:

2.05 seconds faster. Nice.

They also implement a hidden CD explosion special “feature” into the drive. Cool eh? :wink: