Mitsumi Flash?

I have a mitsumi dw-7802TE and I’m interested in flashing and upgrading the firmware. I have Binflash GUI for NEC drives, because I found on another website that its nothing more than a NEC drive from the 13000A series. This drive is impossible to find anything for. I’m going to get firmware from “the firmware site” and use binflash to flash it. I’ve made a sucessful dump of the factory firmware already using binflash… but is my information correct? am I doing the correct thing? I have a data dvd of misc. isos thrown on it to free up hdd space… but its not recognizing it at all… so I think a firmware update would help… any clues? n00b in panic.

I’m in trouble now. I flashed my drive… and it worked. But I decided to flash it back and windows froze. I did a hard reboot and now it keeps flashing and wont be recognized by windows at all. I guess its a brick now. How can I save my drive?

Use binflash in DOS mode and the dumped original firmware.

I’ve tried MTKflash in dos mode, but whenever I plug the drive in, it just sits and flashes in tandem with my cpu light… and wont respond. I have to ctrl-break because the program does nothing…

i also searched the forums, and deleted the filters…

MtkFlash and a NEC, w00t?!

HOW should that work??

how should that work? shrug i’m not sure actually :smiley: but I’m trying to resurrect the brick I now call a combo drive. I would really like to recover my drive, but if all else fails, I’ll most likely end up getting a new DL burner. I’ve read around the forums more, and more, and I really cant seem to find anyone that has my particular circumstances.(ie. flashing light, no tray, cpu light flashes in tandem,). Any Ideas?

I think the only way to recover your drive is to use a DOS firmware in REAL DOS from TDB or DOS Binflash.
NEC ND-1100A (ND-1000A,ND-1300A)
Version 1.03 for DOS. We strongly recommend that you use DOS as a flashing environment. While it might be more difficult, it is much cleaner and safer.

Also the sites from etna, and Liggy and Dee contain all useful info.

I’ve been trying to flash in a dos enviroment, but the drive is not recognized at all. my mobo bios can see its there… but when I boot into dos, the device doesn’t show up whatsoever.

So, as what is the drive recognized in the BIOS??