Mitsumi DVD +R

hi i have burned a few movies on Mitsumi DVDs and it seems like I get allot of freezing close to the end of the movies?
are these good quality movies ot garbage?
I use dvd Shrink and Nero
any help would be appreciated


Mitsumi is some of the worst media on the market. Don’t waste your time with them, go get some quality Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, or Maxell media. :slight_smile:

really…on no i bought 3 packs of 10 of them at Future shop, is there any thing else i can do to use these up should i just use these for computer back ups?

thanks so much, Perry

Try and return them regardless of whether they’re opened or not. They are defective, as skipping means the data is not intact. Just tell them they’re not passing data verification or w/e, FS usually doesn’t care.

i think problem isn´t in your mitsumi dvds, but in nero. i have bad experience using nero to burn dvd-video due to freezing at the end (as you said). always use dvddecrypter to burn dvd-video, i have never had single problem :disagree:

i’ve never had such problems, and i can’t think of a technical reason that would explain such a thing. regardless, mitsumis are still horrible.

so you´re lucky man ;), but when you read forums like doom9, everybody recommends to burn dvd-video in dvddecrypter.

regardless, mitsumis are still horrible.

definetely :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hmm… my brother bought some ritek 8x dvd+r’s and he burnt them through decrypter and got very poor results. He tried burning them through shrink and got very good results.