Mitsumi dvd+r with Pioneer 107

I have a Pioneer 107, and sometimes when I burn dvds, I look at the back of the disk and color on the die on a different part (circular) seems darker or more visible then the other disk. Also I found
Mitsumi dvd+r and also dvd-r on sale do you think these disks are any good for data. What are the best media for data with Pioneer 107. Sohlud I upgrade my firmware, or I wont make any difference, I got 1.10 hacked firmware right now.

This is normal, the Pioneer uses ZCLV for burning media higher than 4x.
It doesn’t affect the quality of the burn.

so what you think of mitsumi disks

Didn’t use them so far, but you could check for useful comments.

They seem to use all kinds of different cheap DYE’s/MIDs.

I need some realibel dvds, i dont want ot end up 3months with non working dvds.
Where can you find good dvds in Canada.

You can get some at either Future Shop or Best Buy if you know what you’re looking for. Maxell 4x DVD-R is considered a strong choice. (Maxell 4x DVD+R seems to be exclusively Taiwanese.) Future Shop sells them in packs of 10, 25, 50, and now 100. The 10s and 50s seem to be where the factories are currently putting the discs that are made in Japan while the 25s and 100s and where the less-desirable made in Taiwan discs are. A few weeks ago, the 25s and 50s where the opposite and that’s when I was able to make a great deal at WalMart. Regularly, the 25s sell for $55 and go on sale for $25 but a month ago, Wal-Mart had them on sale for $13. I thought this was an attempt to clear the decks of slower media but there always seems to be lots more available.

If something a little less expensive is required, Best Buy’s Vakoss-branded discs might me what you’re looking for. Both DVD-R and DVD+R are rated at 8x and are manufactured by Prodisc. They were on sale for most of this week but expect to see them on sale again.

To get an idea of which media is reliable, I recommend that you visit two sites: