Mitsumi DVD Burner (NEC ND-1300A rebadge)



I have a Mitsumi 7802te DVD Burner. I can not seem to burn to any dvd-r’s? Maxell +r’s and TDK +r’s work memorex -r’s no go. Cant seem to find a firmware upgrade? Mitsumi does not appear to have any more info since my purchase last year. Looking for any info at all.


That drive is an NEC 1300A with Mitsumi’s name on it. I would post in the NEC forum, someone there is sure to know if it can be upgraded to an NEC firmware.


Thanks for the assistance. I will check there…


No problem.

I would think that you could load an NEC firmware on that drive with Liggy’s Binflash, but I’m just not sure.

You might also want to look into a modified firmware, like one from Herrie… they seem to work a little better.

Unfortnately there’s not much info anywhere about that Mitsumi drive…


It has been tested in the past and using my hacked firmwares for NEC 1300A on a Mitsumi 7802 works fine :slight_smile: