Mitsumi CR-48x5te CD-RW will not let me write to it

I have a HP Pavilian PC that I bought back in 2001 if has a HP CD-Writer CD ROM drive also called Mitsumi CR-48x5te

Firmware 1.4a

Read Speed = 32x
Write Speed = 8x

It worked fine reading and writing to the drive but I had not used it to write for a long time in the mean time I had to replace my hardrive and reload all software and Windows ME. When I try to format or write to that drive I get the below error message:

CD error - power calibration area error

Reasons for receiving this message:

The optimum power calibration area is a special area near the center of the recordable CD. Before writing a track on a CD, the CD-Recorder must adjust the amount of power applied to the writing laser for the optimum level for the mounted CD. The optimum calibration area is reserved for this purpose. If this area becomes full, the CD-Recorder can’t write to the CD.
The power calibration failed, possibly because a defective CD was mounted or an internal hardware malfunction occurred in the CD-Recorder.

I have tried many brand new CDs and some old ones I had written to a while back. It will read the CDs fine but will not let me right any type of file audio or pic or text. Has anyone heard of this problem? What can be done? The current driver being used for this drive is C:\WINDOWS\INF\MSCDROM.INF

Thanks for your help on this. Take care.