Mitsumi CR-485FTE (54/32/54) review @

I just posted the article Mitsumi CR-485FTE (54/32/54) review @

Our friends from have taken a look at the first (and only?) writer that
supports 54x writing (and reading speeds), the Mitsumi
CR-485FTE. Besides these amazingly high read…

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How about a 48x32x48 that is quiet. Every review I read says the new drives are too loud.

To bad the stopped with the 16Mb buffer! Quit usefull these days with those high speeds. Is it possible to add some memory yourself on your burner or is that to difficult?

This is all a question of marketing. I guess writing @48X is enough for the next year. 54X, come on, this speed is available only on paper :stuck_out_tongue: and if not, well, I guess we’d need very expensive and very high quality media.

There will be quite an increase in exploding discs and not much increase in speed.