Mitsumi CR-485CTE

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Perhaps you should write more about what this software does… although the name hints it. Also, license=shareware and description says freeware. Not excatly the same;)

Thank you for your reaction! Changed it to free! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information but… V1.02 is not new and was added around 12/2002 according to the download link which you provide. ??? I do like the new format change. It enables me to see at a glance what’s new. Can you add a smiley with a quizzical look? Stan

:slight_smile: hey there, just wanted to say that the drives were also sold as a medion md5277 with a 2 yr warranty. It came with nero 5.5 and a very detailed dutch manual. I am now working with firmware 3.0d, and using tdk 800 mb cdrs very happyly with it. Also the svcd burning is working very good with this drive.

new version updated on the site: Nero CD-DVD Speed v4.50 :g

4.51.3 Now available:B

Vista RC1 has a built in backup to DVD software. My DVD-RW is like 52x…have 16x media and no money. hope to find this and that it works under Vista RC1. :slight_smile: