Mitsumi CR 485C TE overclockable?


Is the Mitsumi CR 485C TE o`cable to a CR 485E TE ? (from 40x to 48x)


CR-485CTE to CR-485FTE
It may be possible with Mitsumi’s DOS flasher, but as I don’t have any Mitsumi’s, can’t try it.

Here are available firmwares.
“CR 4805 TE Firmware Flash Upgrade 1.8a incl. readme-file (ger. + engl.)” is the 48x? it doesn’t have E or F…but downloading this file, along with the dos flasher, might allow you to overclock the drive.

What you could do is to figure out if someone else manufactures it. Here are the features it has that may be from a real manufacturer:
*ExacLink is a trademark of Oak Technology. Inc.
*Easy WRITE is a trademark of PHILIPS.
*AEGISWRITE is applying a trademark of MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Source: 485FTE pdf file.


Thanks, but I guess there´s no FW for the 48x Mitsumi available till today, it´s called CR 485E TE.


The 48x listed at the tw site is FTE

OK, actually i´m talking about this one:

CD-ReWriter CR 485C TE is using AEGIS Write.

In the States the CR 485C TE seems to be a different piece of hardware, it´s got ExactLink:



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