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Can this drive burn working copies of PSX and PS2 games?

Yes(Libcrypt protection) and Yes(if they are ripped).

Can anyone tell me how the Mitsumi CR-4809TE compares to this??? Does it incorporate all the same features? It will still work with CloneCD? Thanx!

The CR-4809TE is the 24x model right? Well if so a CD Freaks member is working a review right now! Should be finished soon so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Any experience with copying protected audio CDs? Or a tip which writer can copy them? thx:7

I’ve just had a look on the Mitsumi website (Europe) and the tech spec on this drive says it’s only got a 2Mb buffer, NOT 16mb. As I have just bought an OEM version of this drive (yesterday) I am a little hacked off if this is actually the case…

Hmm indeed/ I’ve checked it and you’re right. The buffer size indeed seems to be 2MB now instead of 16MB. I can assure you that our test model has 16MB as you can see in our screenshots of both Nero and CloneCD. I think Mitsumi must have decided to lower the buffer size (16MB is huge) to lower the cost of the drive. Buffer-memory is expensive. Nothing we (CD Freaks) can do about this. Thanks for letting us know!

I have an OEM version of this drive, and it has the 2MB buffer. It does seem to work well, though, even with some year-old 12X Memorex CD’s, which it burned nicely at 32X.

Well, as I am running WindowsXP with a PlexWriter that does not work with XP, I would like to know that the Mitsumi drive works with XP. Has anyone any experience about that? :slight_smile:

All writers work under Windows XP… The Plextor should too and if it’s not then something is wrong with your system. There are some problems with DMA under Windows XP (MultiWord DMA like the Plex 24x is using causes problems sometimes) but since the Mitsumi CR-480ATE uses UDMA33 it’s fully supported under XP. Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, i’m just about to buy this nice Mitsumi burner. I’m from Slovakia in Europe and i can tell ya guys this CD-RW is the cheapest one in our country :))) i’m gonna buy it tomorrow :9 :d

I bought a few days ago the Mitsumi CR-480ATE, which is promising a 16MB, buffer and was disappointed to get a 2MB buffer. On the genuine package Mitsumi registered 16MB buffer but the Nero software that is supported in the package reports just 2MB buffer. The same Nero software shows at your test a 16MB buffer. It looks like Mitsumi reduced the buffer capacity to 2MB and left the original printing of 16MB buffer on the package. If this is the situation this is a wrong way of marketing. Mitsumi does not have any “contact us” link on their web site, which makes you “angry” while you need to ask them about. It looks like customers are not so important to them. So take it into your consideration when you’re going to by the Mitsumi CR-480ATE to these facts.

i have the 48xate, it was repackaged as a hival at office max. it has a 16 mb buffer and i only got it a month ago. i love it!

Naughty Mitsumi; naughty, naughty, naughty. Your 16 MB buffer has inexplicably shrunk to 2 MB. To save face, you might try sending your cute little Japanese wife to my place, tonight at 11:00.