Mitsumi cr-4809TE and Mohaa,betablocker



Hi there,

I just tried to copy mohaa with clone cd the newest version with my mitsumi i know he doesn't support correct emf encoding so i tried betablocker but when i tried to copy he still wouldn't work fine he still asked me for the right cd so if anyone can help me.


ps: my english is not so good:(


You should NOT use Clone CD and betablocker together.

Try to copy it with CloneCD and default setting (GAME profile)


Well if it doesn’t work (and I’m not surprised since BB only works well with Plextor drives) I think you’re out of luck. You can try using the latest CloneCD 4 beta and AWS (of course do NOT use BetaBlocker when using AWS). Read the disc at a safe 4x then write with Amplify Weak Sectors option enabled. Use the latest CloneCD 4 BETA 21.


I tried a lot of things to copy homm IV with SD2.51.021.
I have a mitsumi 4808.
The ONLY thing that worked until now is Clonecd 4 (beta 14 & 19)std. ‘game’ profile en read @ max speed. I did it @ 4 x and it wouldn’t make a right copy, that’s really weird. So leave Clony XXL (even 5) out of it.
When i used it, the copy didn’t work.

Tried Blindread/write too. No go :frowning: