Mitsumi cr-4805te firmware?

hi there,
maybe someone can help me with this?

when i look into my device manager, i see that i have a
“mitsumni cr-48x5te” drive installed (i am running xp pro).

when i downloaded the firmware update (v. 1.8a) for the drive, from
i at first get an error message, saying that wnaspi32.dll cannot be found.
when i put the firwmare update into my nero folder, which containts that .dll file,
and run winflash (4.03), it says: “error: no device could be detected”.

the drive works perfrectly - any idea what the problem is?


Hello Piotr!
You are not alone with the problem.
I also have the same messages with my Mitsumi in my HP Pavilion.
I would like to update, but WinFlash says “No device”.
I have the files, flash.exe and R18A_X5.cip

We keep in touch.

(Suvivor in 11 - M adrid)

I’m also having the same problems…
Can anyone help??