Mitsumi cd-r problems



Ive recently began having big problems with my mitsumi 2801 TE. for some reason i am unable to copy ANYTHING with ANY copy program
i have no idea whats happined to it. one of the many errors i get say that i may have a corrupt cd, so ive tried others, and other brands Verbatim, imatation, and maxell. with the same results. can anyone tell me what settings in the device manager should be checked for best performance. im thinking i might have changed something there. under the options ive got disconnect and auto insert notification checked and everything else blank. im running an AMD k62 400 128 megs of pc-66 ram, 9 gig quantum ata-66 harddrive. any help would be great. thanks



I don’t know what kind of O.S. you are using, but I suppose Winzoz 9x…
If I suppose true…

  1. try turning off your UltraDMA66 driver
  2. try with a good antivirus (at you can find one free)
    2a. Try your Mitsumi with another PC
  3. try reinstalling Winzoz 9x after a good “Format C:”

Good Luck… and sorry for my English


yes im using win `98 how do i turn off the dma66? and why would that help my problem?
and i am running mcaffee security suite with the latest .dat file and no viruses on my system.


Because you have an old IDE writer (if I well remember…)

Have you cleaned the lens of your Mitsumi?

For more help try this site: (Definitive Mitsumi Resource)

Hope they will help you

Good Luck!


Ok last night i tried to back up some mp3s onto a new cd-r a different brand and it worked, but i had not changed anything with my cd-r or my system. this has happined a few times before i bought a 20 pack of cd-rs last time and 14 of the 20 i couldnt write to. so now i am thinking my problem might be the cds themselves and not my cd-r or my computer. has anyone else had this kind of problem? is there a way to test the cds besides just trying to copy something onto them and see if it works?


i’ve got a 4801TE and sometimes i can’t copy and i end up with a beer coaster :wink:

I found that if i burn on this shit media at 1X then it’s kewl. Best to buy some disks like traxdata that you can burn at 1x 2x or 4x like me.

It sounds like the media to me IMHO

hope this helps



Thanks Cajo ill try that site you suggested. and no i have not thought of cleaning my cd-rs lens. what do you use to clean yours with? i know the sell cd lens cleaners at stores. looks like a cd but has a soft brush on the bottom side and you can use a cleaner liquid with it also i think. but i dont know if thats a good thing to use on a cd-r or not, im sure its alot different than a cd player. what do you guys suggest?

S.T.A : ive heard that it works better sometimes on 1x write speed but i dont really want to do this cuz even 2x is too damn slow. i guess i need to let go of the $$ and get a plextor or yamaha scsi cd-rw and be done with it.

thanx guyz

“May the Force be with ya`ll.”