Mitsumi burner



Hey, i’m looking at getting a new burner, unfortunately i can’t afford a plextor. Any ways i was looking at the Mitsumi 4805TE, can any one comment on this drive? Is it as reliable as the 4804TE?



I had a 4804te up until this past wednesday night and it broke on me and I ended up getting a sony drive to replace. It had no problem copying whatever I needed it to(I read somewhere in the forum that Hitman was safedisc2 protected and it burnt with not a problem and its playable, my old as dirt hp7200 burnt about 700 cd’s or so before it died. If you are going to get it, and want to use clonecd(check their hardware list to see if the potential drive is on it and), do your research, you should never have a problem. I dont know too much about 4805, but it might be faster or something…

good luck


I dont no about the 4805 but I have had a 4804 drive for 18 months still going strong, just a little slow. I also have a Plextor 16/10/40a.But drives are excellent.I use to have a Hp 7100 bloddy crap drive, I hardly had any usage after 2 replacements, I bined it.

HP never again, tech support shit


Plex rulezz! :wink:


For info on the mitsumi check

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I’d advice you to just wait a little longer and than buy a plextor because I f*cked up 4 mitsumi 4804TE’s in less than one year :frowning:


Don’t forget about Acer. These drives are also very good and can, unlike Plextor, handle SafeDisc 2 :slight_smile: They’re crappy readers but excellent burners.