Mitsumi announces dual-format DVD-recorder, the DW-7802TE

I just posted the article Mitsumi announces dual-format DVD-recorder, the DW-7802TE.

Today we received a press
released in PDF-format in which Mitsumi announces their latest DVD-recorder, the
DW-7802TE. The drive will support DVD both recording formats (plus and…

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Yawn! Wheres the 8x burners already!

Yawn - what the bl**dy hell do you need *8 for - 4+GB’s in what is it, 15 minute, ffs, just how much are you ripping off anyway - 100’s of customers to please? This is getting ridiuclous - large corporations could not match the need of some home users for the amount of media they need to burn in next to no time - sad.