Mitsumi - 80 min



I would like to know if anybody else has had problems with Mitsumi CR-4801TE when trying to burn 80 min CDR´s? I have tried with Clone CD and Nero


Have you tried updating your firmware?


Thanx…I´ll try that.


I have a 4801TE with the lastest firmware. You cannot copy 80m CD’s with a mistumi. The 4801TE does not support overburning.

If you find anything contrary to this please feel free to mail me as i have a bag full of 80m CD’s that i need to copy :slight_smile:


S.T.A>>> I upgraded the firmware, but I haven´t tried it yet. I´ll get back to you asap.


I’ve got the same writer and it works fine for me!
>> you don’t need to overburn cause nowadays you can buy 80 min cdr’s S.T.A. !!! In case you didn’t know it!!! <<<
Got firmware 2.03 CloneCD 1024 & Nero 4070 & Cdrwin 3.7c and they all burn 80 minutes!!!
Keep trying!!!


Wookie>>> Then I got the same configuration as you. I´ll try it.


I have a Mitsumi CR-4801TE and updated firmware and have burned loads of audio cd’s onto 80 min disks with no problem


hmmm…it must be my stereo system. The first couple of tracks just jump and splutter and the last track just continues to jump on about 77mins.

Soz for any confusion