Mitsumi 48xate Yea or Nay?



I got a great buy on a Mitsumi 48xate at Office Max. I had my hopes that the drive would be a rebadged LiteOn but it is the mitsumi. Are you guys familiar with this drive and is it a poor choice over The LiteOn. I want to be current wiht this drive and be able to back up games like the Litey does. I haven't looked for firmware yet. Whatta u think?


Protected audio? No it will probably not backup protected audio.
Protected games? No it will probably not backup SD 2 2.51.021 games, but else it will be okay(Will do normal SD2 with AWS on).

Mitsumi makes their own drives, based on OAK chipset and then don’t support “Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns”


What you saw was a 48X write 12X rewrite and 48X read?

Didn’t know mitsumi had released more than 40X write 12X rewrite and 40X read yet…

Are you sure?


This drive is the CR-480ATE right ? It’s identified as a CR-480XATE on the system. You can read the CD Freaks review of this drive here. Too bad I couln’t test the copying of protected audio discs though. The drive is a 40/12/40 CD-RW drive and I loved it.

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The mitsumi drive will copy anything that can be copied. Probably one of the best on the market. Even Clone CD recommends it.


I too just bought a Cendyne Lightning II which is a re-badged Mitsumi 48XATE. It has the 16MB buffer. I was hoping for a Lite-On 32x drive. I’m wondering, tho, if I should just keep it 'cause it is a fairly good drive, has the 16 MB buffer, and may (?) work with CloneCD AWS feature. Either that or I can take this one back and get the Cendyne Lightning III which should be a Lite-on 40x. Any thoughts? Does AWS work well with the 48XATE?


i have a Mitsu 4809( 24x12x48x) running on an oak chip just like the Mitsumi 48XATE. In my opinion the correct EFM argument isn’t the important to me because every few months a new copy protection will be released making todays drive obsolete when it comes to backups. So to sum it up, its no point planning for the future, b/c with 6-12 motnhs your drive will be obsolete when it comes to copy protection.

As for rippping protected audio, these drives aren’t the best… but in most cases, todays best drives won’t support the newest audioprotection in 6 months. Oh well, i guess the digital out feed from your stereo will work just as well:p

Overall, i’m happy with my mitsumi. It performs equivalent or better compared to other brands on market. I’m sure you’ll have the same result with the 48XATE.

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