Mitsumi 4808te?

i have been trying to burn almost anything. at all seems all i can do is music cd’s i am using ccd4.14beta tried to use different setting under the game setting but no go. does anybody else have trouble on this one can somebody tell me your setting that do work for this model. i am running win xp, the burnner does work ok on there burnware but i cant seem to get the settings right thanks all…:confused:

Mayby they have a clue over here :

I do own a 4808 too btw.

Hello buddy, I am new on this forum too. Well I have the same burner and had the same problem with ezcd 4, I could’t burn from cd to cd and download Sonycd extreme and worked ok, and last week I got ezcd 5 and everything works ok with ezcd 5. So my suggestion try ezcd5 or sonycd extreme. Hope this helps. Later.

well thanks for all the help,i finally got it together…i got clonyxxl.and use it with my burner and have made succesful copies of most all my games including MOHA,and RTCW,and sims vacation…all working copies even tried them on other computers to make sure they installed ok so thanks to all the people on this forum… now i can put up the originals and to be safe…thanks again all…:slight_smile: