Mitsumi 4804te burning problem

I have and older Mitsumi (4804TE) 4x4x24 burner. Lately it has been failing to burn at 4x speed. Usually burning just stops at the wery beginning. It also burns RW-disc’s 4x with no broblem at all. Why it is failing with R disc’s but not RW?

Any suggestions?
Should I open and clean it?

Try posting that in



Did you try different brands of media?
Tried newer ASPI drivers?

Older?? how old?? is it still in warranty,? What type of media. Try different media, and try it in a different computer if you have one available. It could be that you are just wearing out the burning, God knows I have went through about 8 different burners,
one being a mitsumi(4804te same as yours). Of course I am slighly hellish on the burners I have, they have to be able to burn a LOT of cds!!(my mitsumi burnt 350 in 3months),

I guess I need a industrial strength burner. !!