Mitsumi 4801-TE support SafeDisk2?



Whit Mitsumi 4801-te it is possible to copy cd protect with safedisck2???


ps.sorry for my english....


As far as I know, the weak sectors have to be amplified before writing with this burner. Otherwise the copy will work only in a burner like PlexWriters.
But you can still mount your original image with daemon-tools (


It isn´t possible to burn weak sectors with the Mitsumi 4801-TE, even when the sectors are amplified. It doesn´t even support RAW 96… I tried it with several cds (Operation Flashpoint safedisc 2.4x, C&C Renegade safedisc 2.5x…). Throw that old shitty slow uncompatible writer away and get one that support EFM-encoding… !!!