Never_Again posted:
“Conclusion: while C1 levels look excellent, I can hardly recommend this media:
-low recording speed limit
-cannot be overburned even slightly
-exorbitant price
-C1 counts still about three times higher than TY”

I have had good (but not exceptional) results from Mitsui CD-R, but one thing I’ve noticed is that many Plextors seem to absolutely loathe a lot of phthalocyanine media. Here’s two scores for the same disks, one using a Sony-branded Liteon and CD-DVDSpeed, and the other using a Plextor Premium and PlexTools:

Max C1…15…18
avg C1…0.18…0.4

Obviously the Plextor is about twice as picky with Super Cyanine. But with phthalocyanine, sheesh! More like 30 times the error rate.

Max C1…18…30
avg C1…0.15…4.3

Max C1…15…34
avg C1…0.05…1.8

And this, from my experience, is normal. I’ve never had my Plextor report anything less than 5 times the errors on a phthalocyanine disk as reported by any other drive/software combination.

I really like TY media, but when it comes to Plextor, I absolutely CAN understand why they recommend it. It is not just top-notch, it is the only reputable brand that a lot of their drives don’t hate.


Hmmm… in light of widespread criticisms of any device made by LiteOn as a CD scanner, I will try to remember to post fairly similar results I’ve had using Benq vs. Plextor.


Sony DRU-810A (1.0d), 41:28:11 burned
Burned @ 12x with Nero 6.6

Sold as “MAM-A Archive Gold CD-R” (650 MB)


Pioneer DVR-216L 1.09, 74:09 burned at 16x
ATIP: 97m27s58f

hub code (black printed, hub metallized): 618707209038L5
no stamper code

sold as “Silver Thermal printable CD-R”


Pioneer DVR-216L 1.09, 47:09 min burned at 16x
ATIP: 97m27s58f

hub code (black printed): 220304100497B4
stamper code: TD09E25 021 0 5100

sold as “Mam-e 48x CD-R Silver for Thermal Transfer”


Burner: Sony Spressa CRX100E/CH
Firmware: 1.0n
Media: Plextor 24x CD-R 74min 650MB shiny silver
ATIP: 97m27s56f
Stamper Code: 0036/0037
Hub Serial: 1072 2137 0603
Burn Speed: 4x
Burning Software: Nero CD-DVD Speed


LG GSA-4163B A106, 72:36 min burned at 4x

sold as "Hp 650MB gold CD-R in jewel case"
ATIP: 97m27s55f

hub code: 8043 2128 2268
stamper code: barcode

Thanks Stitch :flower:


Mitsui Gold CD-R74
Sold as Quantegy CDR-74GP
ATIP = 97m27s56f
Made in USA by Mitsui Advanced Media, Inc.
Gold reflective layer, phthalocyanine dye.

Written at 16X CLV on a Plextor PX-716UFL (f/w: 1.02)

[B]Comments:[/B] Amazing quality with very low C1 errors, no C2/CU errors and consistently low jitter across the entire disc. Highly recommended media if you can get your hands on it!


Media: Mitsui CD-R 650 Photo 12x
MID: (97m27s55f Mitsui)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: CDSpeed
Burned 2017
Scanned 2017

All my Mitsui Photo looks like that

The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

I think your bad result is more the fault of overspeeding and wrong drive used for recording than the media itself, Liteon iHAS124F may not have an adequate strategy for this media, or one at all (if it does it’s based on newer MAM-A/E discs). Burn at 4x-8x on an older (pre-2007) drive and scan on Benq at 8x CLV (24x is way too high for meaningful results).


16x is CLV, so it don´t is the overspeeding because the burning speed is the same from begin to end. Because it only support 16x for this media I´m sure it is a standard-strategy.

Wrote also with other writers, long time ago and the result is the same.


@Tester_1: Do your Mitsui discs show any visible degradation of reflective layer? Today at flea market I bought 2 pcs of Sony CDQ-74CN 6x speed powered by Mitsui (97m27s55f), unfortunately even if both of them were in factory sealed jewel cases both discs are clearly fading darker close to outer side. I attach scan of the top side, however the colour fading is more distinct when looking with naked eye. It’s a pity, since the scan of first 40 mins of the disc shows a decent performance, but longevity seems to be an issue here.

Sony CD-R CDQ-74CN,
Optiarc AD-5170A 1.14 LIGGY,
ImgBurn @ 8x


Your CD-R looks like it waas stored on wrong place.

My Mitsui looks very good, the coating looks much better than most optical media. Dye-problems also not visible

I bought this media long time ago for a cheap price.

I have also Mitsui 8x Golden Dye. It´s a bit better if you burn more than 400MB, but at the end it´s also problematic. The time I burned those media I had also some 8x and 12x-writers, it´s also no overspeed problem.

Many CD-writers failed on this media. And I remember a test of some Mitsui media on old c´t-magazine. They use CD CATS and wrote the BLER of the Mitsui is very problematic.


I have also good scans, but only with less burned MB


The 40-minute barrier seems to be repeating in your copies, so even being properly stored doesn’t help them too much :wink:

Just from curiosity I tried to play back the disc in my stand alone Pioneer stereo and the effect is that sound is very distorted from approx 55 mins, but no skipping occurs throughout the disc. Will use it also in car stereo to compare error correction ability :wink:


Writer: SN-208BB - SB03 Firmware
Media: Delkin eFilm Archival Gold CD-R 74min 650mb - Mitsui.
Software: ImgBurn 2580 - Burn at 10x
UPC 750323665867 - DDCD-R/25 SPINDLE - DATE: 09 - 2004.