Mitsui & Taiyo Yuden CDR Availability in India

Hello All,

Could not find a TY Or Mitsui “made in Japan” CDR’s in Bombay :a . So had to buy MCC Blue Platinum with Metal Azo :eek: . How is this compared to TY & Mitsui. TY used to work perfectly in my Pioneer mp3 head unit. Any one has a clue? How is the life/ scratch resistance compared to TY & Mitsui. where can I find mitsui or TY “made in Japan” in Bombay…


Sorry, almost forgot to give the MCC ATIP

Here is the ATIP info for your reference:-
Disc Type CDR (A-)
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation
Material Cyanine
Media ID 97:34:22
Length 79:59:74
Capacity 702.80 MB
Free Size 702.80 MB
Free Blocks 359847
Total Tracks 0
Maximum Read Speed 40x
Maximum Write Speed 24x
Current Write Speed 0x CAV

Well, no one from India? :sad: