Mitsui SG Ultra experiences?

It’s a pretty expensive media (90 eurocents a piece if you buy 100), and with the mixed reports on the ‘normal’ MAME media, I was hoping people can confirm this is the good old Mitsui quality.


I purchased 700 Mitsui SG Ultra II’s (lacquers) over the past 1-2 years from SVP - I have about 3% bad in some way using CDSpeed scandisk / quality checks on a Plextor 241040a. All were burnt at x4 or x12 (I call a problem a slowdown or yellow block - this should not happen with good media).

Not as good as I expect from Mituis cd’s costing £0.46 each - and the last 3*100 purchased from SVP all had the inner plastic wrap borken and contained 99 not 100 CD’s - not putting business their way again if I can help it.

I have now purchased 300 Plextor branded TY’s from ebuyers for £0.26 each - I have burnt over 200 and always do both tests in CDSpeed (sometimes the quality check will show a small percentage of errors when the scandisk is all green, so I do both checks) - not one problem - all green, no slowdowns, no errors :slight_smile: