Mitsui releases first 24x media



I just posted the article Mitsui releases first 24x media.

Mitsui is world’s first CDR producing company who releases the 24x media. For more info on the disk, read on:

Mitsui announced the launch of the world’s first 24x blank CD-R media. The Mitsui SG…

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Mitsui media are good, but unnacceptably expensive, even if you buy from their web store. Hope they decide to make their prices more reasonable :7


Yes! First 24x media… Maybe Now I can buy 24x burner… :wink:


I’m pretty happy with my 12x & a stack of black cdrs, a stack of mitsui gold, a stack of Klone cdr’s, & a stack of Compusa el cheapos - my next purchase should be a DVD recorder - not yet another faster burner - if the elcheapos were 24x compatible, I would buy the 24x burner though.


Hmm… kinda funny how PNY and Verbatim already have 24x media out.