Mitsui really more scratch resistant? (yes its a mitsui vs TY thread)

just curious… anybody taken a blank mitsui disc along side any other brand and rubbed them face down on a sandy desk or somethin?

i’m a taiyo yuden user myself, (went for it after checkin up on error rates and such vs mitsui, not to mention price!) but if mitsui’s wont scratch up, then my next couple stacks will be mitsui

Really don’t know. Both have performed well.

However I don’t like silver topped(no label at the top just plain silver surface) discs. I prefer them with label.

To my experience they don’t get scratched faster than TY and other HQ brands.

I prefer blank silver cdr’s. plus i get my mitsuis for free.:slight_smile:



from what i understand they are the only companys that apply a coating over there disk’s and there error rates are extremly good
which means they will last a lifetime (100+years or more) when not abused like hell!!! :slight_smile:

/me likes blank silver disc. Labels are nice too, but blanks look more like cd’s…

OK somone answer me this why are you so worried if your disk will last 100 years or more. Ok the stuff you back up now you will care 1/100 as much about it in 3 to 5 years if you care about it a month from now. What is anyone backing up that is so improtant that it needs to last 100 years? does someone have the cure for cancer and they just arent sharing or is it that thesis for you college history class. All I am saying is yes i like a high quality low error rate disk as much as the next man which is why i have a couple cases of kodak Gold disks im still going through. but i dont use the fact that they will last over 100 years as a refernce point, like i will be around for a refund if they dont.

if you leave a cd in cd folder booklet and never take it out then it will last 100 years or some such, but if you’re like me and they spend some time stacked up on eachother on a desk, they get very light scratches which will damage them enough eventually to have errors (although granted there are cd resurfacing tools)


Well, I have some gold Mitsui 74 / 80 min white-topped discs that so far I have not used and loads of Kodak 74 min white topped disks, once again all unused. These will be used for data or scans that I want to archive with best longevity.

For normal use I use DiskRite white topped 80min discs (SKC) and the only time they have failed (3 out of 100) is when I had a buffer under-run on my Plex 241040a (yes, I had burnproof off as I would rather know if there is a problem - silly in hindsight).

Using crc checks against my original files and Nero surface test they always pass 100% - they are cyanine SKC manufacture. I intend to store them in plastic wallets in cool cupboards so hopefully they will last 10’s of years without problem.

I did find a source of 80min white-top Mitsui golds in the states, but they won’t ship out of the usa and are they worth £0.55+ each - no! The DiscRite’s cost £0.20 each from the UK.

So, get good quality discs and treat them right and hopefully we all will get 20+ years with them - leave them in warm rooms on table tops, in bright summer light with crumbs / hair / finger prints and what do you expect.

Just my humble opinion.