Mitsui / MAM-E CD-R quality



When i burn cd-r’s i want two things of them:

  • I want them to last long
  • I want the data to be readable, this doesn’t have to be at maximum speed.

Looking at these requirements I bought a spindle of 25 Mitsui MAM-E golden dye cds at cdrwinkel about a month ago. I knew Mitsui was one of the top brands, if not thé top brand, and I knew that MAM-E guaranteed on their website that these cds will last at least a hundred (!) years. Therefore I was convinced of the quality of these cds.

A few days ago I discovered this forum. After a couple searches I read some very negative things about these cds. Mostly that the quality of mitsui (in Europe) was dropped significantly after MAM-E took over. Especially these Golden Dye cd’s would have been bad.

After some more reading I understood that not only the media itself was important but also how your drive handles this media. I have an old and rather unknown Iomega ZipCD 650 8x4x32x drive. I never had any problems with this drive and it always seemed to do it’s job. I noticed that on this forum people see a good burn as a burn without any C2 errors. Therefore I did some testing with Nero CdSpeed on my Golden Dye discs. I used my Pioneer DVD-106 for this.

The above picture shows the average result I get with my Golden Dye’s. Now I know people here would consider all my Golden Dye’s as bad burns (practically all of them have C2 errors) but my question now is:

  • If I only have the 2 demands above for my cds (I don’t need them to run at max speed and I want my data to stay intact over the years) are these cds with these average burns I get out of them good enough to meet those 2 demands for me?

  • Another “bonus” question I have is whether it would be worth it to buy a new Liteon 52x/24x/52x cd-rw drive to replace my old Iomega to get beter write results?

I thank you in advance.


Hi Precision,

Welcome to our forum! I’m not an expert on this, so others will be able to give you a better answer. However we sell the MAM-E brand also in our shop ( and most costumers are very happy with the quality of the CDRs and DVDRs.


Depends on your writer.

For example, my LiteOn 52x can handle them, while the Plextor Premium really hates them.


The C2-errors depend on the drive you use for testing. Try to use another drive for testing. The result may bei quite different. Or even better: Find someone who will test on a plextor premium to show the real burn quality (BLER, C1 etc)