Mitsui MAM-A IJP archival gold DVD-R's?

Anyone try these discs yet? Are they for real? I can’t find P/N 43443 on MAM-A’s own site…

Ah, I see them under “general purpose discs”… I figured they would have said “archival” instead. Going to see if can order some in…

MAM-A media quality is marginal at best. Ritek media would be an upgrade. Forget all that “archival” crap, it’s just marketing words, it doesn’t mean anything.

Want good media? Use something like MXL, MCC, or TY.

Don’t waste time on lower quality media unless you’re just trying to cut corners on expense (which is really hard to do, given the decent prices on good media, only 30 cents a disc on average). Don’t buy into marketing garbage either.

Thanks, that’s the kind of info I was digging for (and there doesn’t seem to be much out there on the MAM-A stuff). I can believe that a gold substrate may be more stable, but if all that means is that it preserves my high PIE/PIF scans for life… well, that’s not so hot. :doh: Yep, TY and MCC Verbatims are my current pick of the litter. MCC01RG20’s burned in Feb 2004 showing only trivial shifts in PIE/PIF scans so far…

I wholeheartedly concur. :iagree: - MAM CDR discs were great in the past, but there has ben changes in the company holding etc… now MAM DVDR discs are mostly crap.

Paraphrasing Lordsmurf: don’t buy into marketing garbage.