Mitsui/Kodak 80min 700MB?




This is my first post; wish it was one of input but I am requesting a bit of help.

Does anyone know where to get Mitsu Gold 80min CD-Rs or Kodak Gold 80m CD-Rs?

Preferrably in bulk/spindle and a shop within Canada/US(Online).




I have no idea…:slight_smile:


You can get Kodak almost everywhere…
For mitsui, try looking at


check this out for mitsui:

p.s.: hey vishtaspa! useful input…


Thanks for the input guys.

I have found a place here in Canada that is relatively close and sells the Kodak 80min Golds for relatively cheap.

Unfortunately it looks like doesnt ship out of the US but thanks! Perhaps they will in the future.


Originally posted by Airhead
You can get Kodak almost everywhere…
For mitsui, try looking at

Umm - how come when Kodak have stopped making them? There may be old stocks for a while?




Well, have Kodak stopped making them now?
I heard that they are gonna pull out from the CD-R market, still I can find Kodak CD-R’s almost anywhere I look, so I guess Kodak had a big stash of CD’s lying aound… :slight_smile:


Kodak never made gold 80mins, only 74mins.

The only kodak 80mins that could be found is silver+gold.

I’ve never seen kodak golds certified for more than 8X, all 12-24X kodaks have been silver+gold and not pure gold…