Mitsui Gold Vs. Taiyo Yuden

In anybody’s experience, what is a more reliable or better brand/manufacturer of media, the mitsui gold DVD-Rs or Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs. There’s a fair amount of personal data which I want to archive and want to last as long as possible and was wondering if the Mitsui gold discs are worth the money, (I plan on only needing about five 4.7gig discs).

Also how about in terms of CD-Rs with Mitsui Gold and TY.
BTW: I’m using an LG GSA-H10L burner.

The mitsui gold disks are a worthless gimic. The idea behind them was that the gold layer wouldn’t oxidize. the problem is that it is the dye layer that degrades. If you search the forums you will find that they were marketed under several brands including kodac, but they failed to provide any special performance. I would stick with good quality media like ty.