Mitsui GOLD DVD-R?

I’m kind of tempted to buy a couple. At $4 or whatever piece they aren’t cheap!!

Anyone know if they are good or just a load of crap?

In my oppinion Mitsui Gold DVD-Rs are not worth the money. I think you will be better off with TYs or Verbatims than with these…

I’m with [B]Koba[/B]. Forget the marketing rubbish about gold media.

[I]Only the reflective layer[/I] could have a longer lifespan from the gold inclusion. The dye itself has no special enhancement in these discs, so you’re left with claims backed up by no real-world evidence.

Besides, gold reflective layers negatively impact the reading process as the reflectivity is below that of ‘standard’ reflective layers, a fact that manufacturers conveniently never mention. :rolleyes: - so these discs can have serious compatibility issues with readers.

Long-term: use proven stable media (Yuden T02, MCC02RG20, MCC004 - also CMCMAG E01 from good brands like HP, and Imation-branded MBIPG101 R04), make two copies, store vertically in good cases, away from light and humidity, handle with care, re-scan every year or so, and you’re better off than by simply having faith in gold mumbo-jumbo. :cool:

Haha I thought so. I think I will definitely stick with my verbatim MCC004 which happens to be waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper :smiley:

Since you say MAM-A. I have to say no.
Now if this were MPO gold disc’s. I would have a much harder time.
The MPO testresults I’m getting back are so far nice.(Much better as MAM-A !)
Main downside is the price so that I probably can burn the stuff on 3-4 other high quality disc’s.
But I’m still keeping a eye on the MPO disc’s and specially the test results.