Mitsui gold cdrs in Melbourne?

Dropped into Pulsar (which is my usual source for mitsui golds) today and they’re out of stock. Worse, they tell me that they’re not planning on getting any more in for some time (or at all). :frowning:

Checked out a few other places round town but couldn’t find them anywhere.

Does anyone know where they are still stocked, preferably in rolls of 50 (but tubs of 25 or even packs of 10 in slim case ok too)?

I’ll be ‘home’ in Melbourne for about 4 months from next Feb. Would like to get Japan-made Mitsui Gold, but doubt that any are any longer available (there were plenty on my last visit in early 2000). Only Taiwan manufactured Mitsuis are good/bad enough for Oz, it seems.
Anyway, Jaycar have always sold Mitsui Gold. Please let me know if you check with them and find them there.
(I had a friend visiting Japan look for Japan-manufactured M.Gs – all he could find were Taiwan manufactured ones. Meanwhile I found Japan manufactured Mitsui Golds in one store in Bangkok, but got only 100 – they say they won’t get them any more: people won’t pay the prices (same old story for all the better media) – the best seller in Thailand is currently Princo Budget, so cheap as to be almost free.)

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Anyway, Jaycar have always sold Mitsui Gold. Please let me know if you check with them and find them there.

I’ll check their Ringwood store this morning as I have to drive out that way anyway.

(Btw, I wouldn’t use princos if they were free. :Z )

Jaycar does still sell them but only 74 min and only in full cases as singles or in boxes of 10.

I did happen to pick up a roll of 50 80 min at a swap meet I drove past on the way home though. Also got 10 Kodak golds (didn’t know there were any still left in oz) and would have bought out their entire stock but I’d run out of cash. :frowning:

Well that’s not very good at all. On previous trips home to Melb (every 3-5 years) I stocked up on Mitsui Gold, all Japan manufactured. I’d hoped to do the same this time (Feb-May), getting 700MB 24X/32X disks. But no Japan-made Mitsuis, no 80 minute disks, probably only 12X – what a rotten situation.

Happy for you for your Kodak Gold find. About 6 months ago I found a large number of Kodak Gold disks in spindles, with no paper labels, so had no idea what speed they were rated at. I bought 200 (worked out at around A$0.45 per disk), and the Smartburn 2.1 utility tells me that those Kodaks can be burned at 32X. All the burns have been C2 error-free.

But in general the CDR media situation locally is dire. So: are there any Japan-manufactued CDRs available in Melbourne (TDKs made by Ritek in Japan, perhaps?)? Apart from 74 min Taiwan-made Mitsui Golden Dye disks, what would you recommend buying when in Melbourne? – a major world city, after all, not a town on the fringe of civilization (well, maybe in some ways …).

And is there anywhere in Oz (including online stores) where one can get real Mitsui Gold Ultra disks?

Hmm, Japanese made cdrs in Melbourne. Tough one. Can’t think of any off hand unless the standard Sony cdrs are made there (they are pretty good).

AFAIK, neither Mitsui Gold Ultra nor Tdk Reflex are available in oz at all.

IMO the best cdrs generally available here are the mitsui golds (though a little hard to find right now), verbatim data life plus (made in Taiwan but very good nevertheless though only available in full case as singles or in boxes of 10; not to be confused with standard verb data life which are available on spindle but are utter cp), tdk for data silvers (also hard to find but sometimes sold in hideous multi-colours and not to be confused with tdk golds which are also cp or tdk silver/blues which are ok but not great) and standard sonys.

There are also a number of locations that still have stocks of Kodak silver/golds either in full cases or slim case in boxes of 10. Whilst, obviously nowhere near as good as true golds, they’re fine for speeds up to 24x.

I can’t find any 80 min gold Mitsui discs online at all. Do they exist?

I haven’t been able to find ANY made-in-Japan cd-r’s in Adelaide. Anywhere!:Z

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