Mitsubishi Navigation DVD backup copy

Hello guys,

I’m really sorry if i’m covering old ground here but I’m stuck. I did a search on the net and found this great forum so I’ve decided to start a new thread instead of adding to others.

I have a Mitsubishi MP8100 DVD navigation system fitted to my 2007 L200. The navigation pack i’ve got is model number T1000-12622 3 DVD pack. I constantly use the T1000-12626 which has the UK installed but I’ve recently broke the France and Spain disc and wanted to back the others up to a copy because of the replacement cost of the DVD’s.

I’ve seen various posts on here saying this can be done and a few that say it can’t. I have tried to burn a few but I have to say i’m no IT genius and they all say after a while cant read the disc.

My question is, can someone who really knows how to do this please let me know? I am using Philips DVD+R 8.5gb DL as the files are 7.9GB and nero burning software. I’ve tried burning a 2x and 4x with no luck. I’ve already spent about £25 trying to do this and I fear if I keep trying I may as well just chance my luck nothing ever happens to my original copy. The dealer said the discs would cost me over £400 for a new set.

Your help with this would be appreciated and I appologise once again for starting a new thread on something that has been covered before.