Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (Verbatim) BD-R DL

Media:Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 6x Jewel Case
Writer:Pioneer BDR 212-DBK Burned @4x

Have those discs been written by different writers? One says 212M the other 212D? Looks more like a not-so-good batch of VERBATIMf discs to me. Or did you see that increase of errors towards the end of layer one even with different batches of that media, even with other media, or even with single layer discs?

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correct, these discs are from the same 5pack but written on 2 different drives.
im confused because i see increase of error at the end of a layer in DL an SL in both of my drives, the only media that does not do that is the VERBATIMe and the mediarange DL VERBATIMf

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Looks like a media related issue then. Or try a lower write speed, although 4x should be ok for VERBATIMf.
What write speed do you use for single layer, and what discs are those?

Very strangely, just burnt a mediarange verbatimf at 8x just out of curiosity and it turned out to be Very good written… I will upload, im rescanning

Media : BD-R Dual Layer 50GB 6x MediaRange Jewelcase MR506
Writer:Pioneer BDR-212M firmware 1.01 BDR 212-EBK Burned @8x

Burned @2x, in March 2020
Pioneer 209DBK

Gone :kissing_heart:
i do not trust bd-r DL.

DL was also more critical with DVD :roll_eyes:

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