Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (Verbatim) BD-R DL

Yeah, I experienced it myself that it takes some time for Verbatim support to reply, but in the cases I had e.g. bad DVD+Rs and DVD+R DLs they were always helpful and replaced the discs.

I thought MEI-RA1-001 was still in production?

Is it? I thought I read somewhere Panasonic ended its BD-R production. And prices on eBay are through the roof. Unfortunately.

Unrelated to the Verbatim blu rays; I sent back the Pioneer BDR-212EBK that we have spoke of on another thread, back to place of purchase (CCLOnline) for testing. It turns out that the internal drive failed to burn onto 90% of their test discs. I’m guessing they experienced the same problem as I did and they decided to issue me with a refund, not a replacement.

I’ve sent an email asking for more details concerning the tests and asked whether the Pioneer BDR-212EBK CCL currently has (2 at the time of writing) are also faulty, hence the refund.

Its very possible that it’s all the BDR-212EBK’s fault this whole time and not the 50GB blu-rays.

What other blu ray writers do you recommend?

I’ve had pretty good results with my 212E/M and Verbatim BD-R DLs, and the only other BD writers I have are LiteOns, that are out of production, so I’ve nothing else to recommend than Pioneer writers. Of course it is possible to have a defective device, or even that Pioneer has a bad charge of writers, I’ve had a defective NEC DVD writer once, which failed at the layer break of dual layer DVDs, so I got it replaced.

Pioneer are my go to when it comes to optical drives. Are there any reviews on the ASUS BW-16D1HT and Hitachi-LG BH16?

The Asus is a rebadged LG, reviews are hard to find these days.

Some DL-burns are in this topic

And a test in polish

What do you guys think of this pack called Verbatim 43746? Does it provide good results with the Pioneer BDR 212EBK drive? What burning speed would you recommend in general for this? Thank you.

Mediarange 50GB 6x / VERBATIMf

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x

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Quick expensive, try this instead:
VBR260RP100SV1 | eBay