Mitsubishi Kagaku Media BD-R XL

LG BH16NS55 1.03,91.73 GB burned at 4x

sold as “Mitsubishi BD-R XL 100 GB 2-4x” in 10 pcs. pack


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What a horrible burn! At what speed have you burned the disc? Have you used defect management? At what speed was the scanning done?
Here’s a good one from me (recorded @2x, with defect management, scanned @ 4x):

ok, I see:
The scanning was done @ 6x (max). WH16NS58 unfortunately can only scan 6x (with PlexTools, while the older WH16NS48 allows you to scan @4x
And recorded at 4x. Try recording at lower speeds…
But I never had such bad results, even when recording @4x