Mitsubishi Japan to release DVD+R DL media in late May



I just posted the article Mitsubishi Japan to release DVD+R DL media in late May.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
(MCC) has announced that it expects to ship 8.5 GB DVD+R DL 2.4x media in late
May for the retail market in Japan. The media
has product number DTR85N1 and…

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OK! People here’s the test of how much of a CDFreak you are these discs are at best coming down in price to 5 Dollars So those who buy Low Cost media for 60 to 85 cents if you are really dedicated than your set (yes i know of as time goes by prices drop but remember they getting smart they know there going to get money from you)Wait till BluRaY comes out my guess is at best prices on the Dl blanks on those at best guess and what Sony Corporate will like is 35 Dollars if not more just for single layer BR


Wait i may have spoken too soon look at this I Don’t beleive it ------- "Currently, blank CD-R discs cost 35 Dollars to 40 Dollars each. Recorders are being manufactured by Carver, Denon, Digidesign, Gotham Audio, JVC, Kenwood, Marantz, Optical Media International, Otari, Pioneer, Sonic Solutions, Studer and Yamaha. Prices for the recorders vary from Seven Thousand Dollars (for the Marantz) to Twenty Thousand Dollars and are going down daily. " ----1992 Article
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1996 Article------“It’s a good thing, too, since at that time (in 1992) we were paying almost 40 Dollars per blank! (CD-R blanks generally cost between Six Dollars and Eight Dollars now, depending upon brand and supplier.)” American Dollars. Looks like i could be wrong i hope so.
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Don’t get your knickers in a knot Jef. They have said the price goal was to be twice as much as single layer. And naturally the Verbatims will be expensive being first ones out and no other competition. Once Riteks and the like start to flow through expect rapid price drops.


I just want one retail disk to test my NEC 2500As ability to write to the format, and whether they’re compatible my existing hardware…