Mitsubishi DVDXRW844 = Optorite DD0401?

I’m in Australia and recently purchased a Mitsubishi DVDXR844 dual format burner and it has firmware version 120I and is recognised as “GENERIC DVDRW 8X MAX”. I have read at length about OEM Optorite DD0401 drives and how they have the same identification and firmware version. My drive has no indicication on it that it is a DD0401 and I peeled back stickers to check.

I am having troubles burning DVD movies. I tried Laser 4x DVD-R Media that dont work in my PS2 and Verbatim Datalife 4x DVD-R media that many skip in the last 10 mins of the movie. I only burn at 2x and use DVDDecrypter and DVD2ONE and NERO 6 to burn. I have NEVER had an error while writing.

Should I try updating the firmware to Optorite 130I? I hear that disables HDBURN, which my drive box says it supports however I cant get it to work anyway. I have all the Optorite DD0401 firmwares except 120I which I’d like as a backup.

Please help cuz I dont even know if it is an Optorite OEM or not!