Mitsubishi DVD-+Dual 4X

i bought this DVD burner a month ago and i couldn’t find any firmware regarding with this drive. and when i use nero info or dvdinfo tools to check on the drive it says ATAPI DUAL 4X. anyone know where i can update my dvd drive’s firmware? also do you know if there’s any chance to raise my drive up to 8x?


It’s probably an Optorite DD0201 or a DD0203 equivalent. You can’t upgrade it to 8x.

Anyone had any luck flashing this drive with any other firmware than what’s on it?
I think it’s a rebadge that’s only sold in Australia. (correct me if i’m wrong)
Since mitsubishi has virtually no support for it’s drives it would be good to find out what it really is.
The page for it on mitsubishi’s website is here.
The face of my drive looks a bit different than what’s on there though.
Anyone know where to look for to help identify it?

What’s the current firmware version?

Take a look on this site.

The firmware on the drive is 2.16.

The specs of the drives match up perfect, what model do you would think it would be out of the DD0203 or the DD0201?

I’d hate to kill a brand new burner, but the results I’m getting from it at the moment definately warrents a flash.

It is very likely a DD0203.

I just flashed it with the RPC1 hacked Optorite 2.50 firmware for the DD021.

I found out it was a DD021 by peeling off the sticker with the serial number on it because I could tell it had one underneath it.

The serial number started with MS8404, which is the MSI DR4A, and that definately is a DD021.

I backup xbox games and all my burns in GDF format wouldn’t work, I thought it was the media I was using, but all different types failed. That wasn’t my end of the troubles either.

With this new firmware everything works 100%.

Thanks for the step in the right direction guys and a big boo to Mitsubishi who provides @#$# all support.

I hope this helps other people out there who are stuck also.

I’m having real problems with my MSI DR4-A. Installed nero 6.3 and it removed the drive!! Nightmare. Tried all the MSI firmware and still makes coasters out of Mirror DVD-R (4x) and also some of my DataWrite DVD-RW (1x-2x).

What media is everyone using?

Where can I get the RPC1 hacked Optowrite 2.50 firmware?