Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD-R

That is very good result for present day Verbatim media. Do you know when and where your MCC03RG20 were made?

hey sorry i took so long i had to try to figure it out, but it is 2010 by Moser Baer India.

also i hope your joking, because PIE 32 for a fresh burn be considered anywhere remotely good?

Unfortunately that is the reality with media produced by MBI. Other manufactures my give better results but nowhere near the quality of the media from the early to mid 2000s.

What is more important than the pure numbers is how long the media will stay stable. You may have media with perfect score result after burning but after one or two years it will be hardly readable (with horrible scan results). If you have PIE of 32 and PIF of 890 after burning and have increased error rates of 1-2% after one year of storage I will consider those as very good discs. Also it is very important to analyze the graph itself - having flat error curve is better than having peaks of errors only at specific place(s).

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Ah i get what you are saying.

I know you are hypothetically saying a perfect score can turn unreadable after 1-2 years but i hope there are not any examples.
(also i know its a bit off topic but do u have any more ageing scans of the ritek Fujifilm oxonal dye discs)

Written with asus drw-24d5mt firmware 2.00
at 8x august 2019
MCC 03RG20
Verbatim Azo x16 dvd-R
same batch, 2010 by Moser Baer India

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I think you should probably blame media first and then firmware for the results. Not bad for MCC 03RG20 made in India.


Mostly a short lifepspan ist mostly to blam on the media itself or a real bad storage (Sunbeam).

But long years ago the german PC-magazine c´t made some longevity-tests and find out it can also depend on the writer. IIRC the media which was burned with a NEC (2500 or 3500, I guess) had a better longevity than burned with a LiteOn of this era.

what would be “good” for MCC 03RG20 made in India? or elsewhere

This is not a full burn and higher errors could show up at the end of the disc, but what I see I think it is more or less the best you can expect to achieve. Why is jitter not working?

There is no perfect answer for that, while some of the worst Verbatim media I ever had were made in India (especially DL MKM003), I had pretty bad CMC/made in Taiwan Verbatim discs as well.

MBI made also MKM 003? Never had this media.

Maybe some special version is need to scan jitter with the F-series, with old CDSpeed also no jitter shown

Yes, they were so bad that I sent them to Verbatim, their support sent me made in Singapore MKM 003 then, which were perfect.

How long ago was ist? Long time no seen Singapore-media

That was in 2008.

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Verbatim DVD-R 16x / MCC 03RG20
Made in Taiwan by CMC in 12/2005

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @16x


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Verbatim DVD-R printable 16x / MCC 03RG20
Made in Taiwan by CMC in 08/2007

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @16x


Verbatim DVD-R printable 16x / MCC 03RG20
Made in Taiwan by CMC in 08/2007

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @8x


SN-208BB - FW SB03
Verbatim DVD-R AZO 16x (Slim Case)
Stamper Code: ZE6253-DVR-J47F4
ImgBurn - OPC Enabled - Burned @3x


Calling Verbatim Support lol.

iHAS624 B - FW GL2A
Verbatim DVD-R AZO 16x (Slim Case) - Same disc as before.
Stamper Code: ZE6253-DVR-J47F4
ImgBurn - OPC Enabled - Burned @8x

Huh, I thought some 24x-drives from LiteOn only hate the +R MCC 004 from Verbatim