Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R



MCC 003 media usually burn much better.


Have to burn some more of this media to find out whether it´s a general problem of the media or the writer


Writer: Pioneer BDR-209E
Firmware: 1.51
Media: Datawrite DVD+R 8x by CMC
MID: (MCC 003)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

My scan-drives don´t show equal results


Neither is really a good scan. You should try burning with a drive known to like Verbatim media. Maybe an LG?


My experience is that good 8x-media (MCC 003 should be good) works good with most writers since the 8x-era and can´t be compared to the things we see with 16x MCC-media

The Asus BC-12D2HT is a LG-drive, should be a rebadged CH12NS40. The Pioneer is also very good with many media and have problems here.

My actual guess is that this Datawrite-media is not A-Grade-media. The error-rates before the 3GB-mark look awesome, both drives reach highest speed before this mark, so it should not a speed-dependent problem

I wouldn´t say that if I only burned with the Pioneer DVR-S21L or BTC 1008IM, these writers surprise me again and again with some media


Verbatim 16x DVD+R / MCC 004
Made in UAE, old stock

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @16x



Looks like Vinpower has done some work on fine tune MCC 004 ‘s writing strategy.


Written with ASUS DRW-24D5MT 1.00 at 16x on 13 May 2019
Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO (MCC 004) made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics in July 2010


Written with ATAPI iHAS124 F CL9N at 8x on 17 May 2019
Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO (MCC 004) made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics in July 2010


Interesting, not to compare with my x24F-burned MCC 004 (but the media I´d burned was newer and more worse, PIF >2000->4000

Can you start OptiDriveControl and take a look at the Drive Info which date the FW have?

When is your drive manufactured?


Firmware date is 24/08/2017. Drive was manufactured in March 2018.


Thank you

Interesting, this FW is so old?

Some Vinpower-FWs were released later but the MCC 004 issue was fixed only some weeks ago


I don’t see the MCC 004 issue in the burns with this new drive. LiteOn drives seem to have almost disappeared from the market lately and this is the reason I bought this. I will keep checking in case a new batch appears.