Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R



It’s very easy to identify the real manufacturer and the date of manufacture of most media: Deciphering the manufacturing date of your media (with pictures + all major mfg’s!)


Huh, did I something wrong or did I have to choose the manufacturer manually to see the manufacturer?

Looks like the printable Verbatim-media from Lyreco is always the same since some years. -R MBI, +R CMC


I believe you’re talking about my CD2Date tool, so I will answer this question.

The program does assume prior knowledge of the manufacturer and in all cases except CMC and Daxon an estimate of the manufacturing decade (most serials do not include that info). However it is extremely easy to identify the manufacturer of your media based on the serial. The article I wrote in January 2017 covered all of this in detail but here’s a quick rundown for MCC 004:

MOSER BAER INDIA - serial numbers start with 3 or 4 digits which is the datecode, followed by a space and 3 digits and then something like +R E C
EXAMPLE: 5343 520 +R E F 23872

CMC MAGNETICS - serial number starts with PAP6 or PAPA
EXAMPLE: PAP6 80UI 25221969 2

PRODISC - similar to MBI format in the sense that it begins with a 4-digit datecode but unlike MBI it doesn’t usually have spaces but does have a + in the middle of the two parts.
EXAMPLE: 7072E4116+03611E10

FALCON / FTI - four part hub code that looks something like this:
EXAMPLE: B1FH A01A J906040623 A31

MITSUBISHI SINGAPORE - you don’t need to worry about these but they are identifiable through having two letters followed by a number and having no spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.
EXAMPLE: VB34BC866801425

CMC, MBI and Prodisc can be decoded with cd2date into an MMDDYYYY format, Singapore-made MCC will only show the year of manufacturing. So for example the serial you just posted generates the following output:


Of course you could technically just type the hub code into the editbox and try various different MFG’s, if it refuses to decode the serial then most likely you selected the wrong manufacturer. There is no automatic detection beyond that since it would 1) be out of scope for the intended use and 2) would require full, as opposed to partial serials since a dozen other manufacturers use YDDD style serials for example.

I hope I cleared it up for you now. Please state the manufacturer and manufacturing date in your posts going forward, since that is of critical importance when judging these scans.


Thank you for these info :slight_smile:

Your tool is very nice, I only had to learn how to use it.

Most MCC-media is from CMC and MBI, so it is not a big problem to select these two manufacturers