Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R

I think it’s obvious why you are getting these bad results. I have burned MCC 004 with the exact same stamper code as you (ZE6383, CMC made), and after some effort, I achieved this result with them.

Ditch the iHAS122 B and the Nu-Tech/QSI clone. Take my advice and try writing them with a quality drive, moderate speed (= 8x) and a compatible strategy (very important!) and you may just have a better time with Verbatim media.

Renesas based LGs are even better for MCC media. If anything, LG write quality remains good in spite of the MTK switch, not because of it. Samsung also uses MediaTek chipsets, and they are in my experience the best burner for this media. But Liteon DVD writers never impressed me much (although they are good readers for damaged media), their CDRW drives were one of my favorite though.

Did you try a different strategy? Remember the main advantage apart from build quality of the NEC is that unlike with the Asus, you are in control of the write strategy (because of MCSE support).

The media I used were different cakeboxes but from the same dealer (Lyreco). I don´t know the reason why but it is always MII (MCC 03RG20) and MiT (MCC 004)

Only with my newer LGs I wrote 16x with it, although the LGs allow 24x on +R and 20x on -R.

My results with NEC ND-3540A is not better as with the LGs.

My Renesas-based LGs maybe not in good condition, my 22NS40 have awful results with the most media I tried.

Maybe next time I use some of my old Plextors and Benq

No, I didn’t. I could experiment with a different write strategy, but I don’t expect to achieve better results, than the ones using the DRW-24D5MT.

Written with ASUS DRW-24D5MT 1.00 at 16x
Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO #43550 (50-pack) made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics in July 2010

Writer: Asus BC-12D2HT
Firmware: 3.01
Media: Datawrite DVD+R 8x by CMC
MID: (MCC 003)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

MCC 003 media usually burn much better.

Have to burn some more of this media to find out whether it´s a general problem of the media or the writer

Writer: Pioneer BDR-209E
Firmware: 1.51
Media: Datawrite DVD+R 8x by CMC
MID: (MCC 003)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

My scan-drives don´t show equal results

Neither is really a good scan. You should try burning with a drive known to like Verbatim media. Maybe an LG?

My experience is that good 8x-media (MCC 003 should be good) works good with most writers since the 8x-era and can´t be compared to the things we see with 16x MCC-media

The Asus BC-12D2HT is a LG-drive, should be a rebadged CH12NS40. The Pioneer is also very good with many media and have problems here.

My actual guess is that this Datawrite-media is not A-Grade-media. The error-rates before the 3GB-mark look awesome, both drives reach highest speed before this mark, so it should not a speed-dependent problem

I wouldn´t say that if I only burned with the Pioneer DVR-S21L or BTC 1008IM, these writers surprise me again and again with some media

Verbatim 16x DVD+R / MCC 004
Made in UAE, old stock

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @16x


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Looks like Vinpower has done some work on fine tune MCC 004 ‘s writing strategy.

Written with ASUS DRW-24D5MT 1.00 at 16x on 13 May 2019
Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO (MCC 004) made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics in July 2010

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Written with ATAPI iHAS124 F CL9N at 8x on 17 May 2019
Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO (MCC 004) made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics in July 2010

Interesting, not to compare with my x24F-burned MCC 004 (but the media I´d burned was newer and more worse, PIF >2000->4000

Can you start OptiDriveControl and take a look at the Drive Info which date the FW have?

When is your drive manufactured?

Firmware date is 24/08/2017. Drive was manufactured in March 2018.

Thank you

Interesting, this FW is so old?

Some Vinpower-FWs were released later but the MCC 004 issue was fixed only some weeks ago

I don’t see the MCC 004 issue in the burns with this new drive. LiteOn drives seem to have almost disappeared from the market lately and this is the reason I bought this. I will keep checking in case a new batch appears.

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Writer: LiteOn iHAS 124 F
Firmware: CLDM
Media: Verbatim DVD+R 16x by MBI 2017
MID: (MCC 004)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero CDSpeed
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019